Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2016 – Buyer’s Guide

When you sleep on your side, there is a bigger distance between the mattress and your head than there is for back and stomach sleepers. To ensure that your spine remains in line, this distance needs to be filled to keep the head straight. This is because when your head is lowered towards the mattress, it causes the neck to bend, which puts excessive pressure on the nerves and strains the muscles and tendons. As a result, you wake up feeling tired and even worse, experience back or neck pain, headaches, tingling in the arms or legs, or even muscle weakness. It’s for these reasons that you need the best pillow for side sleepers to help you get a better night’s rest.

best pillow for side sleeper

If you have no idea of the best pillow to look for, this article reviews 5 best pillows for side sleepers 2016. It’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide with pros and cons included.

Top 5 Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

#1 Improved Design- Adjustable with Viscose Rayon Cover derived from Bamboo

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 1




If you’re looking to have a good night’s sleep, this pillow is a perfect choice. It’s one of the best and most popular pillows for side sleepers as it offers the best comfort and support during sleep.

It’s a fully adjustable pillow with a proprietary mix of Shredded Visco Elastic Memory Foam-add or remove from which you can easily adjust to your comfort. The pillow provides excellent plushness, breath ability and shape ability of Down. Its Ultra Soft Proprietary Bamboo Polyester Blend Fabric is expertly designed to help regulate your temperature and keep you cool throughout the night. Its Bamboo fabric and Memory Foam makes the pillow Hypoallergenic and completely dust mite resistant. You rest assured of its safety, thanks to its CertiPUR-US Certified foam. It’s made in US and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

Pros -

  • Provides luxurious comfort and excellent support
  • Keeps you cool all throughout the night
  • Custom made to suit your sleep needs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Machine washable
  • Made in USA-Quality and Durability Guaranteed
  • Tested for safety
  • Affordable

Cons -

  • One complaint about the mattress not holding shape all night
  • Some users have developed neck pain
  • Pillow seems a bit too heavy
  • Pillow is too big for some users

#2 Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers 2016 - nuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow




A shredded style combination memory foam pillow that never goes flat and fully machine washable, you will absolutely love this incredible pillow for side sleepers.

The Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Pillow with Kool-Flow Micro-Vented Covering-Queen Size offers everything that makes a great sleep aid for any position, and is especially perfect for side sleepers. It’s Kool-Flow Soft and Luxurious, Extra Breathable Pedic Pillow allows for ventilation, keeping you cool all night long. Its shredded style combination memory foam never goes flat, offering you luxurious comfort and support. Its conforming shape orthopedically supports the neck for stomach, side, and back sleepers. It’s Hypoallergenic and completely dust mite resistant. It’s made of high-quality and durable material and is rolled and vacuum sealed for eco-friendly shipping. The pillow comes with a 90-day hassle-free refund guarantee as well as a 20-year warranty. It’s made in USA with using Eco-friendly Biogreen & Centipur-US Certified Foam.

Pros -

  • Provides excellent comfort, thanks to its luxurious micro-vented cover
  • Provides good neck support for all types of sleepers
  • Keeps you cool all throughout the night
  • Hypoallergenic and is completely dust mite resistant
  • Pillow never goes flat
  • Refund guarantee
  • Guaranteed for your satisfaction
  • Made in USA
  • High-quality and durable
  • Affordable

Cons -

  • Pillow feels too firm to some users
  • Pillow needs some prep time

#3 Buckwheat Pillow (Made in USA)

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers - Buckwheat Pillow




Made for superior comfort and support, Buckwheat Pillow is a one of a kind pillow. This unique pillow is made of buckwheat hulls (the outer shell of buckwheat seeds). These hulls provide superior support of the head, neck, and shoulders for restorative and quality sleep.

The buckwheat hulls can be adjusted and arranged precisely to suit your body’s contours. The pillow’s buckwheat hull structure allows for maximum ventilation, keeping you cool all through the night. You never have to worry about sweating at night. You can easily move the hulls in the pillow to conform to the curvature of your neck, making it an excellent pillow for side sleepers. The hulls are thoroughly cleaned to remove all dust and the process is chemical free. The pillow is made with durable and sturdy organic cotton twill grown and woven in the USA plus an invisible zipper that allows the addition or removal of buckwheat hulls. For additional durability, it’s handmade in USA By a family business.​

Pros - 

  • Soft pillow cover for added comfort
  • Durable pillow cover made from finest organic cotton twill
  • Easy to customize pillow for added comfort and support
  • Promotes airflow to keep you cool all through the night
  • Can be used as a side or anchor pillow

Cons -

  • Pillow is too firm or hard for some users
  • Pillow is heavy and dense, which makes it a bit uncomfortable

#4 Good Life Essentials Hotel Collection

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers - Good Life Essentials Hotel Collection Queen Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover




Luxurious yet fully supportive, the Good Life Essentials Hotel Collection pillow is your perfect pillow especially if you happen to be a side sleeper. It’s a perfect match for a mattress for side sleepers because both will provide you with high-quality and comfortable sleep all through the night.

The pillow features an industry’s leading 50% Bamboo cover which keeps the pillow cool, providing deeper, less interrupted sleep. The pillow cradles your head perfectly, promoting proper alignment to reduce tossing and turning. The memory foam never goes flat and is fully machine washable. It’s hypoallergenic and also dust mite resistant. It’s made in USA and made with CertiPur-US Certified Foam. The pillow is backed by Good Life Essentials 5 year warranty and also comes with a refund guarantee. It’s an excellent pillow for side sleepers and even goes really well with a memory foam mattress for quality sleep.

Pros -

  • Offers excellent support provided by the memory foam which reduces sleep restlessness
  • Offers plush support which is perfect for side sleepers
  • Can be easily adjusted to suit your sleep needs
  • Large sized pillow for easy body conforming
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Pillow is machine washable
  • Pillow never goes flat
  • Certified made in USA
  • High-quality and durable
  • Highly affordable

Cons -

  • Has a thick cushion that doesn’t flatten out
  • Has a learning curve

#5 Malouf Talalay Latex Pillow

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers - Malouf Talalay Latex Pillow




​Featuring 100% natural Talalay Latex- Zoned with no synthetic additives, the Malouf Latex Zoned pillow is the optimal pillow for stomach, side, and back sleepers. Its zoned technology and unique foam consistency provide great, zoned support and excellent pressure relief for a good night’s sleep. The holes on the latex are designed to gently cushion your head while at the same time fully supporting your neck. The pillow features a luxurious, soft embossed cover (velour) that can be removed for laundering. The foam’s resilience maintains its original shape, eliminating the need for fluffing. It’s breathable and maintains a very comfortable sleeping temperature. This highly comfortable and supportive pillow is also naturally antimicrobial, mildew dust mite-resistant. The pillow is made of a high-quality and durable material which is fully machine washable. It’s backed by a 5-year warranty.

The pillow goes well with a latex mattress for unrivaled support and luxurious comfort all through the night.

Pros -

  • Has firm density which is great for stomach, side, and back sleepers
  • Provides excellent zoned and excellent pressure relief
  • Highly breathable and maintains a very comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Features 100% pure natural latex with no synthetic additives
  • Pillow is dust mite resistant and mildew proof
  • Luxuriously soft
  • The pillow cover is removable to allow for easy laundering
  • Pillow has great ventilation and maintains a very comfortable sleeping temperature
  • Fully machine washed
  • Dryer friendly
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Affordable

Cons -

  • Pillow is a bit heavier than some other options
  • Pillow bounces back to its original position and is a bit springy, which bothers some people

These are the best pillows for side sleepers and are just what you need to achieve a good, deep sleep with great comfort all through the night. The pillows are comfy yet provide great support to your head and neck during sleep and also properly align your spine. This comprehensive buying guide will help you make an excellent choice when purchasing.

Sleeping on the side promotes a great position mainly because the spine is readily supported by its natural positions- which is curving. However, as much as sleeping on the side is beneficial to your body; it brings about various health complications. For example, this sleeping position largely contributes to early aging due to gravity. The skin sags to the side, causing early signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Pain in the arms and shoulders can also result from this sleeping position. It’s for these reasons that you need a good quality mattress and pillow for better comfort and pressure relief. In this article, we are going to specifically talk about how to choose the right side sleeper pillow.

If you sleep on your side, you will need a pillow that will provide excellent support and comfort. The best side sleeper pillow will follow the curves of your neck, upper spine, and head. The right pillow also needs to be firm to fill in the distance between the ear and outside shoulder to avoid pain in the morning. Basically, a pillow that cradles your neck and contours to the shape of your upper body is ideal.

Types Of Pillow For Great Sleep


Before we look into the guide for choosing the right pillow for side sleepers, you need to first learn about the types of side sleepers pillows. The variety is quite diverse and choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task. Here are the different types of side sleeper pillows. You will notice that the type of pillow solely depends on the filling material.

Latex Pillows For Side Sleepers

Latex pillows are soft yet very supportive, making them a great choice for side sleepers. They also have good pain relieving potential. They best part is that they maintain their shape and support for a long period- they do not shift, clump, or develop hollow spots. They also create a natural ventilation system, allowing heat and moisture to disperse.

Memory Foam/Contour Pillows For Side Sleepers

memory foam pillow for side sleeper

Memory foam contours are another excellent pillow choice for side sleepers due to their great firmness and durability. They are made from synthetic foam which consists of numerous spherical open cells made derived from polyurethane with additional chemicals added to increase density. Memory foam/contour pillows are also Orthopedic, meaning that they are specially designed to keep your neck and spine properly aligned and are expertly made with heat-sensitive foam that acquires the shape of your head.

These types of pillows are very quiet, do not clump, have pain relieving potential, provide contour support, and require low maintenance.

Down/Feather Pillow For Side Sleepers

Feather Pillow For Side Sleepers

Down or feather pillows are soft yet very firm to provide you with the support and comfort you need to get a good night’s rest. The good thing about down or feather pillows is that you can move the stuff around to ensure you obtain the best support you need for a good night’s rest.

The Pro Guide To Choosing a Side Sleeper Pillow

When it comes to choosing the right pillow for side sleepers, there are a few factors you have to take into consideration. As stated earlier, side sleepers require a firmer, fuller pillow compared to stomach and back sleepers. Consider;

Type of filling

As discussed earlier, there is a huge variety of pillow fillings such that selecting the right one can be a little bit difficult. Not all fillings are right for side sleepers. Some may not provide the best support and comfort as others can. So the ideal choices should be down/feather, latex, and memory foam. Polyester pillows also work great for side sleepers since they are firm and supportive.

Orthopedic Design

The best pillow for a side sleeper is one that is specifically designed to keep the neck and spine properly aligned. Such a pillow is known as “Orthopedic Pillow.” This pillow not only provides support to your neck and spine while sleeping, it also relieves pain caused by sleeping on the side. The pillow is also very beneficial for people with Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, and those who snore.

Loft - Pillow Height

The right pillow should provide enough loft (height) so as to keep your spine straight. However, it shouldn’t so thick that it bends your neck upwards out of the right alignment.


Side sleepers sleep best with super-firm/high-density pillows that properly contours and cradles the neck, shoulders, and head, providing an even sleeping surface to help keep the body in a horizontal line. The fill should not collapse or clump under any circumstances. Look for a firm pillow or rather one with a high-density for the best comfort all through the night.

Flexibility and Comfortability

The flexibility and comfortability of a side sleeper pillow is determined by the type of filling. Buckwheat, latex, memory foam, and down/feather pillows are highly flexible and comfortable, which is why they are an excellent choice.


To improve breathability and evenly disperse heat and moisture, a good pillow for side sleeper must have a ventilation system, usually in the form of small holes and interconnecting channels. This will prevent sweating and provide great coolness for a comfortable rest.

Other factors to consider include;

  • Price
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Hypoallergenic and Anti-microbial
  • Longevity/Durability
  • Pain relieving potential

Pillows not only impact the quality of our sleep, but they also affect how healthfully we rest. The wrong pillow for side sleepers can worse neck pain, shoulder pain, and even cause headaches. Because nothing starts your day off better than a good night’s rest, the right pillow can be of great assistance. Hopefully, this ultimate guide to choosing a side sleeper pillow will help you make an informed decision.

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